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Elouise started out in the hair industry at 14 years old, as a Saturday girl in a local salon.

Elouise went on after she left school in the salon to do an apprentice, which she qualified as a hair stylist at the age off 17. She travelled all over the UK doing lots of courses with loreal, beautyworks, Balmain, easilocks and lots of other hair extension,cutting and colour courses to always become the best in what she loves doing.

After starting a family, Elouise decided to set up her own mobile hair business and built a loyal customer base of clients from all over . After a while she set up her own salon from home and this is where her journey then begain.

She set a goal of opening her own salon, and even pictures of exactly what she imagined it would look like. when it came to think of a name for her future salon, something just clicked! HERR stands for the reasons she started her adventure which was her family and the intials of the names of her kids and husband. she started setting up the salon and the rest is history! This story is partly why Elouise decided to launch The HERR Hair and beauty academy, as she knew first hand how important a support system and surrounding yourself with good energy is to starting and launching a business.

Through the academy, she has kick-started the careers of lots of hair professionals. There are a lot of unqualified hair extensionist technicians out there and Eloluise really wanted to create a course that has depth and provides students with real knowledge to start building their own client bases – and doing a good job!

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